Fort Madison Pallet Company
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  • New Pallet Services
  • Used Pallets
  • Custom Heat Treat & Dry Processes
  • We also offer custom crating, inventory control, drop-van or flatbed deliveries, and 24/7 services
We take pride in our wide selection of quality products. All of the products and services we offer are built and handled professionally from start to finish.

We provide a variety of products and services including but not limited to:​
  • New Pallet Services
    Common pallet sizes are 48"x40" standard GMA, 44"x44" and 48"x42". However, our machine is capable of building pallets up to 72" inches long by 50" inches wide. We are also capable of handling any odd size pallets by utilizing hand build jigs.
  • Used Pallet Services
    We offer used 48"x40" GMA pallets, Grade 1 and 2. We also offer odd sizes depending on our current inventory.
  • ​Heat Treat and Dry Services
    We offer heat treatment services that meant ISPM15, International Phytosanitary Standard for Wood Packaging and are inspected by American Wood Inspection Services. We operate a kiln that is capable of treating up to 800 GMA pallets at a time. Our kiln is also capable of drying down pallets to less than 20% surface moisture which prevents the growth of mold.